The product which HEAT and SHOCK RESISTANCE are needed
Cover of the lighting, spot light and lantern
Cover and container for a candle
Cover of the clock
Plate for the electromagnetism -- a cooking machine

Its shock resistance is 5 times as strong as ordinary glass.
It doesn't fracture even if a steel ball of 225g is dropped from the height of 2m onto the glass lid.
A main client :
Famous electronics or cooking utensil maker
in a domestic and foreign country.
As for the details, from hereI
Otherwise, it corresponds to many products.
Please ask us for detailes.
The tempered glass of Kawamura Glass can be used for many products
in addition to a glass lid. An original mark and various patterns can be
printed on the glass surface with a ceramic color, gold, etc.,
So, it is used for the broader product.