The tempered glass lids of Kawamura can be used as a lid of pan,
frying pan, hot plate, grill pan and all other containers widely all over the world.
Please try the the function and the design which employed the characteristic
of glass , and the high quality and the high performance.

Your own marking
It can print your trademark or various design with a ceramic color or a gold on the glass surface.
high shock and high temperature resistance
excellent transparency
Excellent transparency
You can see the condition of cooking without lifting a lid.
So you can cook at the saving energy and the ministry time.
It gets ready various design and size to match your every
pot or pan and so on.
It can make a steam hole and fix a knob or a metal to match your pot's design or function.
It doesn't fracture even if a steel ball of 225g is
dropped from the height of 2m onto the glass lid.
High shock and high temperature resistance
Its shock resistance is 5 times as strong as
ordinary glass.
Its heat resisting temperature difference is larger
than 180Ž. (sufficient for normal use.)
Patents, Worldwide.
Various knobs, silicone rubber packing and
stainless steel washer can be supplied.