The penetration-proof test given by " LINE LAND" , the world's largest industrial product standard inspection company, has been passedand the highest safety standards are guaranteed.
Due to adhesives embedded in the center of the tempered glass, there is minimal scattering in the event of glass breakage.

Since the thickness of the tempered glass and polycarbonateis freely changeable, the desired safety performance can be met.

The sound vibration level which is going to penetrate glass is attenuated.@@(sound insulation performance 37-38dB)

It is the wSAFETY WINDOWxwith outstanding penetration-proof performance for working accuracy.

The tempered glass surface hardly deteriorates to chemicalsand prevents aggravation of visibility from the formation of frosted surface by the scratches by the chip of machining andcutting oil.

Moreover, emergency accidents caused by flying chips and Tools can be held to a minimum by uniting the poly-carbonate with very high shock intensity and tempered glass.
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